Thursday, March 01, 2007

The First to Feed Me

I have been absent from competitive eating and the physical world for over a month now. My Mother, Karen, passed away on Friday, February 16 after a three year battle with stage IV breast cancer. She was a beautiful person here on earth with a selfless, giving, and loving heart and spirit. She was probably the biggest influence and motivation in my life. It is going to be hard to go on living with joy without her support and love. She never questioned my motivation for starting in competitive eating, she may have shook her head and laughed, but she always just wanted me to be happy and succeed in whatever I did.

I am coming back to competitive eating soon and I still have very high expectations for myself this year. I will dedicate any and all of my successes and victories this year to the memory of my Mom. She was the first to feed me and she fed me a lot.

Thanks to everyone who posted messages on Eatfeats and on this site for your kind support.