Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barack Obama is a competitive eating fan

The September 1, 2008 edition of Time Magazine contains a photo essay of Presidential front runner Barack Obama. The photos show a behind the scenes look of him and his family on his democratic campaign trail around the time of the 4th of July this year. The photo below - a full page spread shows Barack and his family watching TV prior to a 4th of July picnic in Butte, MT:

Now here is a close-up of the caption for the photo:

Barack Obama is a competitive eating fan! I love the looks on the faces of both Barack and Michelle. Obama looks intent and focused on the action while Michelle looks concerned and shocked - a perfect reaction.

My favorite part about this scenario is the picture that follows. The following picture was not included in the Time photo essay but I was able to find it on the Web; taken later in the day at the 4th of July picnic:

Judging from the photo, Obama seems to have gained some motivation by watching the Nathan's contest. This is not an ordinary bite, he is attacking the dog! Michelle is shown in the background of the picture looking proud of Barack's bite but probably saying to herself "now don't get carried away Barack."

Clearly, Obama should be President of our great country!


steakbellie said...

Hear Hear!

Anonymous said...

Obama is not a good choice for this great country, unless you are happy with socialism/communism.